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July 2020


Market Rebellion: Compound Interests - Larry McDonald

Larry McDonald is the founder and editor of The Bear Traps Report, an independent Macro Research Platform focusing on global political and systemic risk with actionable trade ideas, working in cooperation with ACG Analytics, Inc based in New York City.



CNBC: Bear Traps Report: Uncertainty surrounding inflation expectations behind surge in precious metals - July 27th, 2020

Larry McDonald, editor of the Bear Traps Report, talks silver, precious metals and U.S. equities.



AusBiz - The Slightest Whiff of Inflation Will Crush This Tech Trade - July 16th, 2020

Larry McDonald, Founder of The Bear Traps Report says the performance of US small caps is a good indicator of market position, as small caps outperformed the Nasdaq by 3.5% yesterday



Top Traders Unplugged - Larry McDonald – Global Macro Series – July 25th, 2020

Today we are very lucky to welcome Larry McDonald as our guest. Larry is the founder of the Bear Traps report, and has extensive experience in consulting and investment banking. His bestselling book “A colossal failure of common sense”, described his time as a Vice President at Lehman brothers where Larry had a ringside view of the last financial crisis. Needless to say this gives him an interesting perspective on the current state of the global markets. Our very enjoyable conversation covered a wide range of topics from high level macro, across Silver and Copper, and down to individual stocks like Tesla.



BEAR TRAPS: How Tesla Could Smash the Index Fund Debate Wide Open - July 7, 2020

Josh Brown - The Compound - I asked my friend Larry McDonald to come on ahead of Tesla's Q2 earnings report because this could be the quarter that makes the stock's S&P 500 inclusion inevitable. Tesla's current market value is approaching $300 billion, which would make it one of the largest weightings in the index instantly should it be included. According to research from Larry's firm, The Bear Traps Report, at current valuations Tesla could become almost 1% of the index, with implied buying from index-tracking funds of as much as $30 billion.