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April 2022


Fox - Mornings with Maria - US inflation normalizing higher is a 'crisis': Bear Traps Report founder

The Bear Traps Report founder and editor Larry McDonald weighs in on the March PCE price index and inflation. During an interview on "Mornings with Maria" expert Larry McDonald reacted to the March 2022 PCE price index, saying that U.S. inflation is a cause for concern if it normalizes at a higher rate around 4 or 5%. - April 29, 2022


March 2022


CNBC - WEX - McDonald: Inflation has already been hiking rates for the Fed

Larry McDonald, editor of the Bear Traps Report, says with a very unusual period with a pandemic and a war back-to-back, investors have to change their entire asset allocation model. THU, MAR 17 20226:56 AM EDT



Fox - Mornings with Maria - Oil causing 'a lot of pain under the surface' in consumer sector: Investment expert

Mar. 21, 2022 - 9:52 - The Bear Traps Report founder Larry McDonald argues that the longer inflation sticks around, the more it forces people out of financial assets and into hard assets.


February 2022


Fox - Mornings with Maria - The Bear Traps Report founder on Russia-Ukraine crisis, Fed rate hikes

Feb. 23, 2022 - 8:06 - The Bear Traps Report founder and editor Larry McDonald provides insight into how the markets could react if the Fed hikes interest rates amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict.



Real Vision - David Einhorn and Larry McDonald Ponder What Hath Fed Policy Wrought - Feb 17, 2022

In the latest entry in his series for Real Vision, New York Times best-selling author Larry McDonald engages in conversation with hedge fund legend David Einhorn.