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March 2019


BearTraps on Real Vision: Brexit and The Rise of European Populism

Join Nigel, NY Times Best Selling Author Larry McDonald, CNBC’s Jon Najarian in Miami in late April, see the schedule here.

Nigel Farage, member of European Parliament for South East England, is synonymous with Brexit. He is a former head and founding member of the UK Independence Party. In this interview with Bear Traps Report founder Larry McDonald, Farage outlines why he became a eurosceptic, and why he thinks Britain will eventually leave the EU. He also forecasts a general rise in confrontations in Europe ahead, as national politicians’ interests collide with those of the EU.


February 2019


BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: Larry McDonald talks current market trends - Feb 22, 2019

Larry McDonald, Editor of the Bear Traps Report, and CNBC Contributor, discusses emerging markets, trade tensions, the Fed, and more


December 2018


BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: Larry McDonald discusses markets to watch - Dec 17, 2018

Larry McDonald, Editor of the Bear Traps Report, talks Brazil, the UK, and other global markets to keep an eye on in 2019



BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: Short-term credit markets look positive for General Electric in 2019, says investment guru - Dec 12, 2018

Larry McDonald of 'The Bear Traps Report' joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss General Electric's market slump.



BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: Machine-driven trading under focus in market volatility - Dec 6th, 2018

CNBC's "Power Lunch" team discusses the impact of machine trading the markets with Gregory Zuckerman, a special writer at the Wall Street Journal, and Larry McDonald, founder of The Bear Traps Report