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May 2018


BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: Italy’s political crisis: a big buying opportunity? - May 30, 2018

Larry McDonald of AGC Analytics weighs in on why this political crisis could be the perfect buying opportunity.



BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: After hitting a new high, Apple is consolidating. Here’s which direction... - May 29, 2018

Ari Wald of Oppenheimer and Larry McDonald of the Bear Traps Report discuss Apple shares with Sara Eisen.



BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: European political unrest just rocked U.S. stocks and bonds. Here's what... - May 29, 2018

Larry McDonald, editor of the Bear Traps Report, discusses Italian political unrest and its global market impact.



BEAR TRAPS on CNBC's Trading Nation: Markets slump in wake of political turmoil in Italy - May 29, 2018

Ari Wald, Oppenheimer, and Larry McDonald, The Bear Traps Report, discuss the moves in markets with a focus on Italian politics with Sara Eisen.



BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: How big of a global risk is Deutsche Bank? - May 25, 2018

Larry McDonald of the "Bear Traps Report" says there is a chance Deutsche Bank's stock could go to zero, which would be very bad in the short-term globally, but could also present a buying opportunity.