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May 2018


BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: Why Amazon could be the next black swan for the market - May 7, 2018

Larry McDonald, editor of the Bear Traps Report, explains why Amazon shares could pose a threat to the market now.



BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: A retail resurgence is in the works, and Walmart is one name to buy - May 7, 2018

Frank Cappelleri of Instinet breaks down his bull case on the XRT; Larry McDonald of the Bear Traps Report weighs in, with Sara Eisen.



BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: Crude crosses $70 for the first time since 2014. Do you buy energy here? - May 7, 2018

Larry McDonald with the Bear Traps report and Frank Cappelleri with Instinet discuss why energy stocks continue to lead the market as crude oil crosses $70. for the first time since 2014 but how long can it last?


April 2018


BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: The last two times this ‘classic late cycle activity’ emerged, a... - April 27, 2018

Larry McDonald of The Bear Traps Report is watching the parabolic outperformance of discretionary stocks -- and what it means for the markets.



BEAR TRAPS on CNBC: Trading Nation: Energy under pressure - April 27, 2018

Larry McDonald, Bear Traps Report, and Craig Johnson, Piper Jaffray, discuss the energy sector with Sara Eisen.