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“The risk-reward in betting on Fed action in the July – September time frame is the most attractive in three months. Global credit and economic risks shot the March and June rate hikes right between the eyes, took the steering wheel out of Janet’s hands. This will position the Fed to start signaling for a July hike, sometime in the next 45 days. That would be a dollar positive; gold / commodities / EM negative. She’ll likely try and get back in the driver’s seat. In recent years, the rebound in Q2 vs Q1 GDP has been meaningful, north of positive 1%.”

The Bear Traps Report; May 2, 2016


Fed fund futures exploded higher today as the market is starting to price in a June interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve.

Across the street, banks are revising their rate hike forecasts just weeks after pushing them out into the future.

Goldman, we’re told now has June as their “base case.”





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