Mueller Report Finality and Market Impact

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Mueller Report Market Impact via CNBC

Wall Street is scrambling to figure out what the conclusions of special counsel Robert Mueller‘s long-awaited investigation means for the stock market.

Japan Equities Plunge Sunday Night Post the Mueller Report News
Japan led off this week where US equities closed out last, in the red. The 3% plunge is equivalent to 765 dow points.

Market were NOT Taking Impeachment Risk Seriously

While many investment and equity strategists told CNBC that Attorney General William Barr’s letter about Mueller’s report relieves a persistent concern, few had expected a disastrous outcome for President Donald Trump.

Others, like The Bear Traps Report founder Larry McDonald, were more optimistic and suggested the findings could be a boon to certain sectors.

“It frees him up to focus on infrastructure and housing reform,” McDonald said. “We will rally on this but everything that took us down last week will keep rearing it’s ugly head again.”

Here are the full comments from market investors, strategists and analysts via CNBC.



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